5 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services [2020 Updated List]

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Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services


5 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services


  1. WhitePages


It is disgusting when you are disturbed by false callers sometimes. There is no more such thing as you can take the help of WhitePages, the most authentic free reverse phone lookup website which helps you to find the detail of any unknown number. The services you get from WhitePages are free and it is also available through the website and also through app. Though the service is now used to find out irritating caller, it was started to be found and always stay connected. In 1997, Alex Algard founded this service and since then it is serving people on a wide scale.


How does WhitePages help you? It contains numerous collections of registered numbers along with the locations and identity. Not only, reverse phone lookup services, but WhitePages is also effective in finding reverse address lookup if you search by name only. What you need to do is to visit the website of WhitePage and add your number. By clicking on ‘search’, you can get the details of the phone number or address the owner you are looking for.


What kind of information you can find over there? It includes the name of the owner, cell phone numbers, address, relatives, criminal records, and so on.


  1. TrueCaller


This is one of the most common free reverse phone lookup services that are commonly used by lots of people. You can enjoy their free services, but remember you can only get details of mobile phone numbers. To get the service from TrueCaller, you can join their community and avail their service by mentioning your country. You can get their service from their website or download the TrueCaller app on your smartphone. This app supports any kind of platform, like android, iPhone, windows, blackberry, etc.


Once you use the TrueCaller app on a mobile phone, you will get the notification with the name of the unknown caller. Along with knowing the number of the caller, you can also know from which country or area he/she is calling. This app has records containing 1.6 billion phone numbers around the world.


Besides getting information about the unknown caller, you can also block the spam callers and the robocalls from companies which disturb you in between important works. With TrueCaller, you can now easily manage all your communications. There are also beautiful themes that you can download from the TrueCaller app for your phone and this app also helps you keep your inbox clean from unwanted messages.


  1. Reverse Phone Lookup


Not only from mobile phones, but you also get phone calls from landline numbers. Reverse Phone Lookup provides efficient services to find out the details of such landline telephone numbers which were trying to call you. There are indeed no added services are provided by Reverse Phone Lookup, like finding out the mobile phone number and all. But, when it comes to bringing the details of any unknown telephone number, you can expect the best services from Reverse Phone Lookup.


They provide free services for the benefits of the users so that they can find out who is calling them and decide whether to establish a connection with the callers. At Reverse Phone Lookup, you can search as many times as you want because it is a free service. What kind of information do you get by using Reverse Phone Lookup services? Once you put the number on their website, you will get information like the first and last name of the owner of the telephone number; get the address of the owner, and also a map of the location from where they are calling, etc. If they ever fail to find an accurate number, they will provide you with as much information they can get about the caller to help you out.


  1. AnyWho


While talking about the best free reverse phone lookup services, AnyWho is the one that is worthy to mention. This free service is effective in finding unknown mobile numbers as well as landline numbers. While using the free service of AnyWho, you can easily get the details of the unknown caller within a moment. Not only the name, but you can also get the address and map of the location from where they are calling.


Besides getting details of the caller, you can also find an address through this service. Getting help from AnyWho is simple as this service always updates its database every week. With their huge database of names and addresses, they can help whoever searches for phone numbers, names, and addresses of unknown people. Not only it detects the number of an unknown caller, but it also helps people to find the address of any old friend. By searching in AnyWho, you can get caller details, address, first and last name, etc. to deny or establish a connection with him/her.


  1. Pipl.com


Finally, there are no better free reverse lookup services to culminate this list. Like any other service, it is also effective in providing you with the details of unknown callers, but this site works in a bit different manner than any other site. The main difference between Pipl.com and other reverse lookup services is that many of such services Yellow Pages which has their directory of registered phone numbers, but Pipl.com uses search engines to find the contacts and the details of the unknown numbers to help people. By searching over the search engines, this site can find out any kind of information regarding the person you want to.


Once you search through Pipl.com, you can easily get the first and last name of the unknown caller, along with caller ID, user name, email id, etc. Searching for the unknown caller or someone’s address and location can be easier if you are using Pipl.com as the user can get real results within a limited time. If you want the best service to find out the unknown caller, you can use the app also of Pipl.com


Now you have detailed information on 5 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services. So it will be easy for you to utilise these Phone Lookup Services.