10 Best Online Classroom Timers [2021 Updated Fresh List]

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10 Best Online Classroom Timers

  1. Online stopwatch

To understand what a stopwatch is, we must first understand what a timer is. Both of these are used to measure the amount of time elapsed, but a timer measures time counting upwards from zero once the timer’s start button is pushed. Once you click the start button the online stopwatch starts counting the time and it does so by counting it to the millisecond that goes by starting from the time you clicked the start button. You add laps to it if you want and by doing so even if you sometimes close the watch, the laps and the value will be recorded and saved automatically.


Somehow say the time elapsed between the day it was saved and the one you actually saw it is sufficiently enough then even the day count will be displayed in the as well. It works by the way that if you press the start or stop button it does the respective jobs and if you click on the lap button, then a lap will be added and once the stopwatch is stopped, it even gives a reset button for you to rectify it if you want to reset the number of laps.

  1. Online timer

If you are looking for a simple online timer with all the important facilities, then this one is for you. Even if it does not seem so or is not a well known fact, there indeed are differences between a timer and a stopwatch. A timer is used for counting down how much time elapsed starting from a particular moment is isolated in time. On the other hand, stopwatch, is in simple terms a more modified countdown timer only. If you are someone who wants to calculate the elapsed time in hours, minutes and seconds, then this the just your option.

Online timers are easy to use as they offer you with a simple digital looking timer. First, you need to click the set time for option. After selecting the alarm that will eventually set off once, the specified time arrives, and then push the start button to start the timer. However, it has features similar to an online stopwatch as well. An online timer as well gives the time in hours, minutes and seconds format. It even has options such as start and restart as well, just like an online stopwatch. Along with that it gives you options to change background colours of the timer.

  1. Tick tock timer

This could be your biggest companion when you want to be productive. With the help of this timer you can keep yourself focused and honest with your work. This clock besides having useful characters and features has an interesting aspect to its name as well. The sound it makes is essentially one made by the clocks. It got its name from the notion of a ticking sound and owes its origin from a word symbolising the ticking sound. It is a mid nineteenth century, a word form through imitation.  It is thus an ideal timer for classroom activities such as specification of reading times, shifting from one activity to another and others.

It is a rather easy to use and user friendly interface and hence is an easy accommodation in a classroom. It is so user friendly that it allows you to put in your numbers as per your convenience and then start, restart or clear the timer just as and when you wish. It has all kinds of customisation options and even though it is not on a big screen or anything of that sort, but it is worthy in the sense that it is easy to operate and handle.

  1. Egg Timer

Any of us who have sat in those grey walled classrooms with its four walls closing in on us as we stress about unfinished assignments and everything. Well, here is something that makes it less mundane and more entertaining. And making things interesting inside those four walls might not be as difficult as it may seem at first. Remember counting those hours till recess or till the PE classes? Well, how about making the counting of hour’s fun all the time. Using classroom timers will make teaching sessions more fun and interesting.

Timers are a boon while maintaining classroom activities such as controlling the reading time and how much time to provide for a particular activity and such. This particular type of timer is by far one of the most fun and easy to use timers of all times. It was devised after a request from a teacher for the same and is usually used amongst and with younger students nowadays. The time does not only take up the complete screen and hence makes projection to students easier but is rather easy to handle. All you need to do is input the numbers in words and then click or push on GO.

  1. Timer land

The timers available today are basically an up gradation and modification that took place throughout several years, starting from water clocks that have been used to measure time from around sixteenth century BC. Now even though a timer is conventionally spoken as a device used to calculate a given time interval, it is most usually used as a device counting down time elapsed from a certain  given time and once the count down is over, an alarm rings so as to notify the same. The new devices are rather easy to use and are similar to kitchen timers even.


At first you turn the counter towards the time till which the timer will count down to, and turn so in an anti clockwise direction. And while using a digital timer, you can push the start button once you have set the hour, minutes and seconds of the time to be reached. Timer land is similar in all these respects, but is unique in itself. It makes the passage of time fun. Every time it shows the time, a series of farm animals is projected on the screen. Once the deadline arrives the entire farm becomes filled with different animal in it.

  1. Rocket timer

Mostly earlier, teachers would have a hard time managing activities inside a classroom as they would have to resolve to their smart phones or wrist watches to keep track of the time spend on individual activities in a classroom so as to get maximum output from the class. It is much easier when the teachers can share the time elapsed with the students as well and hence online times. Rocket timers are just one of the variety of many online timers and stopwatches available nowadays.

If you want to have some fun with the timer, then this could be the best option for you. One of the most explosive and yet fun timers that are available online now, these timers have large display screens and easy interface for use and hence makes classroom sessions easy, entertaining and interactive. You start the countdown and wait for it do its part of the work. Once the specified time is elapsed, the fuse burns out and the rocket flies off into the sky and then eventually bursts out into multiple firecrackers- as though rejoicing the success that the activity that was just completed. This is indeed a fine sight to look at.

  1. Snail racing timer

We always consider time moving fast and by the fact that time and tide wait for none. Imagine denoting something such transient with some of the slowest of known animals. This type of timer has an interesting name as well as an interesting approach, trying to remind students about impending deadlines of classroom assignments and activities and help teachers maintain their planned lesson plans. Snails being one of the slowest creatures on earth, their races are yet slower. However, its objective is to control the time elapsed between the start and the end of a class activity.

The display shows multiple snails racing with each other. Which once comes first is completely random and highly arbitrary. If for once your snail makes it to the ending line even maintaining quite a bit of a distance between the others, other times it may be just stuck the starting line as though refusing to move at all. These kind of timers are good during activities that tale longer time to be completed. The background to the race that symbolises the elapse of time is a mild cheering recording, which is just enough for group activities, but poses difficulty in activities that are done in silence.

  1. Bar timer

The bar timer is yet another visually entertaining and simple way of display of a countdown clock. This timer, however, is quite different from the other times discussed so far. The others are perfect for young students, with all kinds of colours and vibrancy in them, which many times may even result in distracting the children’s concentration power as well. However, one must remember that it is after all  a classroom that we are talking about.

Classrooms are no place for just fun and games. Yes, you can, of course, light up the place with bits of entertainment here and there, but it should be looked after that amidst all the enjoyment over the timers the real issue of enhancing activity skills and such aptitudes does not get overshadowed.  This particular timer on the other hand has a rather professional look going on about it. It just consists of a glossy black timer display, rather simple in outlook and has a very much professional aura about it. The display takes up most of the screen and helps you keep concentrated on how much tie has elapsed since you had started doing a certain work. The timer has user friendly interface as well.

  1. Funny bunny farm timer

This timer is similar to other animated timers available out there. When teaching and technology join hands something magical takes place in the classroom. Using online timers is one of those many technologically advanced features that smart classrooms nowadays have. Some students might feel a bit pressured at rushing through assignments within a specified time, most of them, however, feel the enjoyment in challenging themselves and sow better in their assignments. Classroom timers are interactive and entertaining at a whole other intellectual level.

One such fun filled timer for classroom activities to be added to the list. This type of a timer is as simple in its use as it is in its display. The timer in fact gives us two options to choose from for the display. In one case a farm is displayed which as time counts down, is filled by rabbits and the other one is of our Earth orbiting the sun. The displays are relaxing as well entertaining as well. This kind of a display if prefect while doing activities that require attention and fun both at the same time. You can either see a farm slowly get filled by rabbits or watch our earth revolve the sun.

  1. Candle timer

Not just students, but even teachers find classroom timers rather helpful. They can use it with their co-teachers even to schedule their lesson plans to go just as they had planned it. Of course, many of us would not go by the idea of using timers for any sort of activities, let alone in classrooms. However, research shows that using timers help in enhancing a person’s skills for any kind of activities. It hence proves essentially necessary in classrooms where students are primarily learning, enhancing their already existing skills.

The candle timers now used in classrooms might have been an up gradation of candle clocks that were used in older times. They had marks spread after consistent gaps that gets burned in the process telling how much time just elapsed. They were quite effective in telling the time both during night and on cloudy days. In this method, after hitting the start button, as the classroom work progresses, the candle starts melting and thus, forming beautiful designs and patterns as the wax melts down the body of candle. Even if not used for classroom activities specifically, it can show students the value of items and how consistently it flows.

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