Best Rice Cooker to Buy Online [2021 Updated Fresh List]

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8 Best Rice Cookers to Buy Online



1. Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

If you like eating rice, chances are that you will be picky enough to ensure that the grains are cooked perfectly. The Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is one such amazing multipurpose cooker that helps ensure the best rice cooking without imposing any kind of strain on you. The best thing about this cooker is its multi-function options. This electric pressure cooker is a saviour for those who have a fast-paced lifestyle and need to get things done quickly and perfectly. It comes with 12 one-touch cooking options for various types of dishes that you might need around. The autopilot option in this again is quite a unique feature that you wouldn’t find easily.

The stainless steel lid in this cooker is fingerprint resistant and every part of the cooker is safe for you to dump in the dishwasher without any worry at all. The additional 10+ built-in features in this device further make this a good enough option to look into. The overheat protection ensures better durability and keeps the risks of burning your rice to a bare minimum. Apart from the cooker, you also do get several other accessories with the package, which further makes this a good enough investment for you.


Best Rice Cooker to Buy Online



2. Tiger JKT-B18U-C Rice Cooker


Next on the list of the best available rice cookers in the market has to be the Tiger JKT-B18U-C Rice Cooker which comes with durable features and amazing options in terms of the cooking options. The best thing about this rice cooker is the fact that you can use it for not just cooking rice but other things too. The inner pan in the rice cooker does come with a grip handle that ensures a better grip and long-lasting abilities like no other. It is also made from a stainless steel material that further ensures better longevity and durability without any complaints at all.

You also get a preset cooking timer in this that allows the users to prevent overcooking or even the risks of overheating the device when you get busy with other things. It also ensures that the cooker is energy efficient and won’t end up making you regret the purchase. The inner pan comes manufactured with the 3 layered metal with a detachable inner lid that ensures seamless cooking like nothing else. The steam vent cap also helps escape the steam to cool down the rice for easy packing in the boxes. It does come with a washable lid as well.


Best Rice Cooker to Buy Online




3. Asian Style Programmable All-in-1 Multi Cooker

Yet another multi-cooker that is perfect for your rice cooking adventures along with other dishes as well is the COMFEE’ 20 cups Cooked (5.2Qt) Asian Style Programmable All-in-1 Multi-Cooker. This comes not just from a reliable brand but also has amazing reviews that ensure that you wouldn’t end up regretting the purchase. The 6-step cooking process in this cooker ensures that your rice is cooked perfectly without any complaints whatsoever. It comes with the steam valve that preserves the steam inside for faster and perfect cooking. It also comes integrated with 17 different digital cooking programs which are insane and allows you to get the perfect results.

It does operate under safe pressure standards, ensuring that you wouldn’t encounter any kind of risks with using it. The cool-touch handle in this also makes sure that you don’t end up burning your hand in the process of opening the cooker. It can cook up to the 20 cup capacity in this which is perfect for bigger families that have a lot of people. It also comes integrated with a digital LED display that makes everything a lot easier for you to keep track of. It also comes with timer settings as well.


Best Rice Cooker to Buy Online




4. Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

For those who rely on Instant Pot products, you can blindly add the Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker to the list. It is perfect for cooking rice and several other dishes that you have in your mind. Even this is a multipurpose cooker that can get several dishes done in one pot. It comes integrated with 12 different smart programs that ensure easy cooking without any issues as such. It can be used for rice, soup, broths, stews and even for all kinds of slow cooking items that can take hours to cook and braise.

The cooker has been designed and manufactured with the 3rd generation microprocessor technology which assured 240 minutes of pressure cooking up till 24 hours. Not just that, it also keeps your food warm for 10 hours and comes in adjustable temperature settings that you can change as per your needs. The inner cooking pot in this cooker is made out of stainless steel which ensures durability and long-lasting impacts without any issues at all. It is made out of food-grade material and doesn’t contain any kind of chemical coating, deeming it safe for usage.

Best Rice Cooker to Buy Online




5. Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker

For those who have been looking solely for a rice cooker and not for a multipurpose cooker, the Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker is one of the best available options. Apart from the sleek design and overall look of the cooker from the exterior, it is also quite amazing in terms of the price point. It comes with the heating plate programmable cooker that ensures easy and faster cooking like never before. The non-stick coating in the inner dish that you get makes it easier for you to cook the rice without having to worry about it sticking to the bottom of the pan.

It can accommodate 6 cups of rice, which might not seem like a lot but is considered a good enough option to feed around 3-5 people at one go. It is also a non-revertible safety device that you wouldn’t have to fret about the overall functions. The x-wall diamond-coated inner pot that comes with this has a very premium quality and ensures to last you longer than what you can even imagine. The inner pot is made out of aluminum. The inner lid in the cooker is made out of stainless steel.


Best Rice Cooker to Buy Online




6 .Zojirushi Induction Heating System Rice Cooker

For authentic feel and cooking of rice with the precise amounts and perfect cooking, the Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System Rice Cooker is one of the best available options that you can no doubt take a look into. This is not just a cooker but a warmer too, so you can be assured to cook it long ago and let it stay warm in there. It also comes with multi menu cooking options so you can whip up some different kinds of dishes.

The cooker also comes with two warming settings – the automatic keep warm and the extended keep warm which is pretty amazing. You can also cook any kind of rice that you want which is pretty amazing and versatile. It comes with a delay timer with two different settings, further making this a good enough option for your overall needs. It is always best suggested that you do measure the rice in the cup provided with the cooker for precise cooking.

Best Rice Cooker to Buy Online




7. Tiger Corporation JBX-B10U Rice Cooker

When you find a product with a 5-star rating on Amazon, you know for a fact that the Tiger Corporation JBX-B10U Rice Cooker is one of the best available options that you could purchase at the moment. This is a multi-functional cooker, which means that you can use it for cooking not just rice but other items as well, which is pretty great if you ask us. It also assures perfect cooking without any issues with overheating, further assuring better results.

The angular shape adds a better dimension to the overall look and feel of the cooker even further. It also does come with 8 different preset functions, which ensures seamless results whatever kind of food that you might be cooking. It also comes with a cooking plate inside that allows you to cook two different dishes simultaneously, which is a pretty amazing factor that you can further look into. The rice cooker also comes at a very reasonable price point, which you wouldn’t end up regretting paying for in the end.


Best Rice Cooker to Buy Online




8. Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

Last but not least on the list of the best rice cookers in the market has to be the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker which has a very sleek and durable design that you can add to your kitchen essentials without any further questions at all. Apart from the reliability of the brand, this rice cooker can cook around 5 and a half cups of uncooked rice which is a pretty good quantity for the kind of price point it comes for.

The additional neuro-fuzzy technology in the device ensures perfect cooking and helps keep it warm too. There are multi menu options in this as well along with the automatic keep-warm option, that ensures that you don’t have to worry about the rice going stiff. The inner pan is a non-stick spherical shaped pan that prevents the rice from sitting to the bottom. The pan has also been designed to ensure uniform heating without any issues as such. It also comes integrated with the LCD clock and timer along with a retractable cord that ensures better ease of use without any complaints as such. The cooker also does come for a very reasonable price point.

Best Rice Cooker to Buy Online




Now you have the list of Best Rice Cooker to Buy Online. Now you can select any Best Rice Cooker according to your needs.