Best Websites to Find Free Online Diary [2021 Updated Fresh List]

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10 Best Websites to Find Free Online Diary 



 For amateur writers, is a very popular online website, where you can create your personalized website that is aimed at putting your thoughts down. Every journal has can be edited accordingly, with customised style, fonts, buttons, layouts, background and feed. Livejournal offers its users a profile page where one can put all necessary information describing oneself and one’s online diary. Here you can categorize your entries differently, like entries for friends, entries for family, public entries and personal entries.

 You can also add music, photos, and videos to your contents and make them more engaging and interesting. You can mark your articles and posts with tags so that you don’t face the difficulty to find them in the future. There are even communities found in LiveJournal where users interact and write with each other in collaboration. If you are not comfortable with the already existing communities, you can create your group and invite others and meet new people who share similar ideas and interests. The LiveJournal website is free but few domain names and layouts are available only if you subscribe to this site. 




Resembling a real notebook, this website is very updated, modern and stylish. Here, users can maintain a private diary to which no one can have access to and at the same time, users can share their contents, articles, and posts with friends through mails. If you want to share your thoughts, 24*7, Penzu is the perfect app for you. It can be installed on Android and iPhones. The website offers the pentagon like security. Not only are one’s posts hidden from other people, but they also are encrypted. So, if you are really worried about your privacy, Penzu is what you need.


One of the coolest features that this website offers is that it allows the users to import all entries from old diaries. In this context, remember the files to be imported have to be XML documents, RSS feed or from LiveJournal to get imported properly. Penzu is a personal online journal site that focuses on privacy. By default, all entries of any journal are hidden from the public. No entry made by users can be accessed by the public unless and until the user shares it with certain individuals. One can further enhance the security of the entries and articles by protecting them with passwords. 



 Another widely used website for maintaining personal diaries is It offers its users various occasional diaries to explore. Upon registering on this website, one can go through the most viewed posts of other users. One can always read them to learn things. The interface of this website is much like a newspaper than a feed. It’s a great place for sharing your thoughts with others and maintain public diaries that others can access. Alternatively, this website also allows users to maintain secret journals, personal entries which no one can see. So, if you have various types of entries to write and maintain, both public and personal, you can register on this site. arranges your entries sequentially, next to each other just like pieces of a puzzle, unlike traditional diaries having entries in a list, one below the other. All your entries are saved as private ones by default. You can change the settings and share them with selected users of your choice. You can add your entries to your public page and make it accessible to other users. Users can also add pictures, videos and other features provided to them. Some basic filters are also available on this site that can be added to uploaded pictures. 





Tumblr is another very popular micro blogging site. The website is Mostly useful for maintaining brief entries, videos and picture sharing. However, the shared videos, pictures or entries have to be in the right format. They have to be converted to mp4 formats. This platform is for everyone who wishes to share trending videos, music, news, GIF pictures, etc. Besides, one can also maintain their private diaries and blogs or public ones. As for personalization, you can choose themes, layouts, and designs of your choice and change the font colour, background, font style, etc. Like Twitter, Tumblr uses hashtags. To make your posts popular and collect more likes and reposts, remember to add the most popular hashtags.


While you can create individual private posts on a public Tumblr, a private one allows a user to see his posts altogether, rather than having to search for them amidst ones he’s openly shared. Hence, you should consider making your account private. Groups of friends can share private blogs as forums to share images and messages with members of that group. Tumblr resembles an online clubhouse, a secret place where peers can meet away from the spying eyes of their parents. For some families with younger teens, private Tumblr is the perfect solution, especially if parents are concerned about their online safety. 



 Another user-friendly online website for maintaining and sharing your thoughts is journalate. It is perfect for those who want to write online journals with personal writings.Just like penzu, this site is appropriate for those who want high security to protect their entries. You can rest assured that no one will see your entries. This platform uses no sophisticated interface, but looks chic on all devices. So, users can add entries to their profile from their phones or PCs or laptops.

 Users can make two types of accounts: premium account or a free account. The former allows users to import pictures, writings, and videos from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The site offers top-notch security taking care of the fact that no one can access your entries without your permission. Journalate is a simple online journal that allows you to check and revisit the events of your day. Jounalate’s interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to monitor. You can set your entries as private or public under the accounts section. One can type plain texts. There are no formatting features available for writing. For amateurs who are looking for a simple, user-friendly website, this is a perfect online website for maintaining their diaries. 



 Another platform offering similar opportunities for writing down your thoughts and keeping them safe from the public at the same time is Monkkee. The service is available for free. It offers user-friendly options for post writing and editing. It allows users to add videos and images and mark them with hashtags. Also, one can export one’s writings from PCs or laptops or cell phones. Monkkee comes with a handy text editor and all other features needed to personalize your posts. It is a very useful and effective online journal service that allows users across the globe to interact with each other.


One can communicate with friends, make new communities, post contents and comment on articles of other users. As is already mentioned, you can change your account settings from time to time and restrict your posts to friends only or public or friends of friends or custom. If you are looking forward to posting private entries that are restricted to friends only, but interact with other unknown users and explore at the same time, Monkkee offers you the ideal options. All users add photos, videos, and other formatting features. There are some advanced features like smartphone apps, full encryption, larger files, etc. which the website offers only to paid users.




If you are a fitness freak and lead your life in a routined healthy manner, fitday will be of great help. When you spend a lot of time following diet and doing exercises, you can put down everything in this online journal site. You can set goals and organise your priorities. Go through the progress and methods used by other users in achieving their fitness goals. This will guide you and help you in gathering additional information.


Fitday offers both free and premium accounts. It is a free online calorie tracker and diet journal preferred by more than 6 million users of the world. No matter, you are trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy diet or level of fitness or training for a particular goal, fitday is your perfect go-to option. Using FitDay is quick and easy. Users can print their entries or articles and can maintain them as a real diary. Alternatively, users can also save their entries on their PCs and laptops in the form of TXT, PDF, RSS or XML documents. Register for your free account and immediately start taking control of your diet and fitness goals.




DiaryLand lacks in certain security features, but offers elusive diary writing services it builds a community atmosphere to write and share though with others. It appears messy overall, but don’t let that fool you. It is an effective platform to write down your thoughts and Interact with others who share similar interests and passions. It provides excellent opportunities for those who aim to do community journaling. One can either post public entries or make their private ones, that cannot be accessed by others. Also, the website provides its users with a password feature to protect their entries and make their accounts secured. 


To read and see your previous contents and entries, you need to scroll down unless you reach the one you are searching for. Under the profile section, you can add information about yourself, add pictures and videos to your posts and comment on others’ posts. The website allows its users to track the views and likes they have been receiving on their public posts. The site lacks sophistication, but is a perfect platform for people who wish to join a community that shares your thoughts. Overall, DiaryLand is a great site for maintaining online diaries for free since it provides advanced security features along with updated interface layouts. 


Day one


This is a perfect platform for dairy writing for both android and iOS users and offers a variety of features, everything one might need for a digital journal. Journals can be created in just one click on the menu bar. Users can use templates to make their journals appear unique and engaging. And other details like location, motion activity, weather, currently playing music and step counts get added automatically. Users can also tag entries with hashtags, add music, videos, and photos to their contents and protect their contents with passwords and format entries in markdown. All of this within a sophisticated, elegant interface. Tye platform has just one main blue coloured menu bar and icons in grey – no gaudy toolbars present. 


Perhaps Day One’s best feature is the ability to customize multiple reminders. Most other journal apps only send you one reminder during the day. But with Day One, you can get prompted to write, say, when you start the day, at lunchtime, and then at the end of your workday to keep track of your activities and thoughts throughout the day. One of the best features of this website is its ability to customise multiple reminders. 




It is one of the top-rated journaling sites. Diarium is well known for its support for multiple media types in journal entries. If you are comfortable speaking and recording rather than typing, you can dictate your thoughts with appropriate speech recognition. Like other platforms, you can attach inked drawing, pictures, and videos. Also, you can even rate tour journal entries that let you track your progress in journaling. Diarium syncs to other Windows devices or Android with OneDrive. You can also export your entries to DOCX, HTML, RTF, or TXT formats with separate files for media attachments.

Hence, you can rest assured that you can access your data and entries anytime anywhere. Users have found the syncing between Windows and Android to be instant and reliable. To make journaling even easier, Diarium can automatically pull in feeds from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and will remind you once a day (at your chosen time) to write in the journal. One gets a lot of designs and layouts to choose from. Hence, one can easily personalise their online entries and journals and add their individual touch. With the help of the features provided in Diarium, the entries will become unique and engaging. 

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