How to Clear Cache on windows 10 [2021 Latest Methods ]

There are two types of cache, temporary cache, the one used for functioning of the computer and the other one is the type of cache that gets stored on your computer while you are browsing the internet. You can find these files in the files explorer. In this article learn How to Clear Cache on windows 10. Certain methods can be followed to clear the cache. It is listed below.

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How to Clear Cache on windows 10



How to Clear Cache on windows 10


 Use Disk Clean up 


Click on Start and choose the option Disk Clean up. Click on the drive of the device where you want your files to be cleared. Once the drive is clicked, choose the option temporary files and click OK. The files will be cleared.


To clean up from the file explorer 


The view option has to be clicked. It shows up options as a menu. Once this menu pops up, click on Clear. This leads to clearing up all the cache that is stored under the file explorer menu.


Clean up from your web browser 


Any web browser has a history option. This can be opened by clicking on the three horizontal lines that appear on the top right corner of the web browser page. The Clear Browsing Data option has to be clicked.


Install software 


There is third party software available in the market. Before installing them on your computer, check for the quality of the software to avoid virus attacks.


Using Windows Settings menu 


This settings menu is a common feature on all versions of Windows. Start, Settings, System, Storage, free up space now, Remove files. This is the order to be followed to clear up space by removing the cache files.


Using windows key option 


Click on the Windows logo key and click on R. The Run box will appear. Type the .exe extension file to go to the setting that prompts you to clear the temporary files


So these are the above ways for How to Clear Cache on windows 10