How to block ads on YouTube? (Simplest Method 2020)

Youtube is the Second largest Search engine. Youtube has got Millions of active users. Many of you don’t like the ads on Youtube. So in this article I Will explain you How to block ads on YouTube?. Read the article carefully and you will easily understand about Ads Blocking on Youtube.

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How to block ads on YouTube?


How to Block Ads on Youtube


YouTube ads can be annoying. But there are multiple ways through which you can block YouTube ads from bothering you. To help you out, we have listed the methods below.

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Download the videos

One of the best ways to stop YouTube ads is by downloading the video. You can use a YouTube video downloader to download the videos you want to watch and then watch them without the ads.

It is a time-consuming method but at least it works.

  1. Use YouTube Red

This method is not free. You can take the paid membership of YouTube to enjoy an uninterrupted viewer experience on the platform. On YouTube Red, you can watch all the videos without any annoying ads.

This method is meant for only those who are willing to pay for membership.

  1. Use an ad blocker

One of the most common and effective ways of blocking ads on YouTube is by using an ad blocker. You can find many ad blocker tools out there. But make sure that you opt for a high-quality one. This is to ensure that you get efficient performance by the tool.

The main advantage of using an ad blocker is that it can block all types of digital ads. Once you turn it on the ad blocker, your YouTube videos will be free of ads. it is easy to use and therefore, everyone can handle it.


So in this way you can block ads on YouTube. So you have a simple method for your question How to block ads on YouTube?