How to fix “cannot connect to app store in iPhone/iPad” (Easy Trick)

All iphone users have got some or the other error in there iphone while using App Store. So in this article you will learn How to fix “cannot connect to app store in iPhone/iPad” . Previously We have shared how to Change your email id on Your Iphone , How to Change IMEI Number on iphone & How to activate iphone without Sim card


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How to fix “cannot connect to app store in iPhone/iPad”


How to fix “cannot connect to app store in iPhone/iPad”


There can be so many reasons why you are not able to connect to your app store. We have listed down some of the methods that can help you.

Here you go with the details:


  1. Turn on cellular data


One of the main reasons could be that your mobile data is turned off. In this case, you need to”

  • Go to settings and select the mobile option.
  • Then turn on the mobile data from the given toggle.
  • Now scroll down and turn on the toggle given next to the App store.


  1. Log out and re-login


Sometimes by just logging in and out to the app store can solve the problem.

  • At first, open the settings on your device and then select the iTunes & App Store.
  • Select the Apple ID option and tap on the sign out button.
  • Now use your login password to re-enter your Apple ID.
  • By doing this, it should solve the problem.


  1. Update the software


If you are using an older version of IOS, then you can face such problems. This is why you are advised to keep your software updated always.

  • Open settings and find a general option. Now go to software update.
  • You can look for updates and update the software of your iPhone or iPad.


  1. Set the date and time automatically


Sometimes, the problems can arise due to incorrect timing and date on your device.

  • Open settings and then go to the general option.
  • Select the date and time option.
  • Now turn on the set automatically toggle.


  1. Check your credit card details


If the validity of your credit card that is linked to the app store has expired, you can face problems connecting.

  • Launch the Settings app and go to iTunes & app store.
  • Select your Apple ID and then go to view Apple ID.
  • Now go to the payment information.
  • Check the details of your credit card whether it has expired or not. if it has expired, then enter the new details and select the done option.