How to Recover Deleted iMessages [2020 Unique Method]

IMessage is a feature exclusively found in iPhone. It is a messaging application used to send and receive messages from an iPhone. Learn How to Recover Deleted iMessages? Be it any messaging application that gets launched in the market every fortnight, IMessage has never lost its sheen. There are chances of losing the messages sent from the phone, in such scenario, there are ways by which you can recover the sent messages. Three most used steps are mentioned below.

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How to Recover Deleted iMessages

1)Use a recovery software to recover messages without backup

There are a lot of third party recover software available in the market. You can download the software in your laptop/PC. The MAC laptops/PC are compatible with the software and there are few Windows operating system laptops/PC in which the application is highly compatible with. Read reviews about the software on google before downloading it in order to avoid virus attack on your devices. Once the software is downloaded, connect your iPhone to your computer/laptop. The software will recognize the device which is connected. Open the messages application and you can find the deleted or the lost messages, select the messages to be restored and choose a location on your desktop/laptop. Once the location is chosen, the data gets transferred by clicking on the Export and Restore option. The recovered messages get stored on your phone.

2) Finding messages using the apple devices

Any iPhone or apple products user will be provided with a log in ID for security purposes. One can sync the various apple products together. There are chances of finding the lost messages in your other devices if you had synced it.

3) Restore deleted messages using iCloud or iTunes

Before you are restoring the deleted messages using the iCloud or iTunes, you need to erase all the available content on your phone. After this step is done, you need to open the Apps and Data feature on your iPhone. You also need to sign in the iCloud, restore from iCloud backup option has to be chosen. Make sure that there is Wi-Fi connection throughout the recovery process.

Install iTunes on the computer in which you wish to recover the lost messages. Once it has been installed, connect your iPhone to the laptop/computer using USB Cable. A message will appear asking whether you Trust this computer or not. Once you click on the message, the next message you would get to see is Restore Backup. On clicking this option, the messages will be restored.

These are the ways by which you can definitely recover the lost/deleted messages on your iPhone. Hope you all understood How to Recover Deleted iMessages